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Here are a few of the emails/comments we have received from our customers. If you have a comment you would like to be added here, please email us at:

I accidentally ordered the wrong item and the customer service department ensured that I received the item I was looking for in time for my wife's anniversary. Thanks! Karen, CA.

Great customer service and would shop again! Mike, NY.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast my order was shipped out. J.B, OR.

You guys help make my 20th anniversary a night to remember... Maria, TX.

Fast Fast Fast! Deborah, GA.

Free shipping allowed me to get a few extra items that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford. Tim, CO.

How are y'all able to keep your prices so low? Shaniqua, GA.

Ordered on Sunday, received the package on Tuesday. Xingjuan, CA.

Thanks for helping me choose which sexy lingerie items to buy my wife. She looked very beautiful on our anniversary. Lebron, MN.

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