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At this time, we do not accept international orders but will make some exceptions. Reason being is that it costs too much money to ship from America to most other countries. Eg: We had a customer place an order for $50 worth of lingerie, and both FedEx and UPS wanted $95 to ship to Australia. We do not condone these outrageous shipping rates. We are working with representatives from each of the major shipping companies to try and negotiate a reasonable shipping rate from America to the rest of the world. We will make an exception for U.K. and Canadian customers. If you reside in either country, please send us an email at and let us know which items you wish to buy. We will then call our contacts and get the lowest shipping quote possible for you. A recent order we shipped to the UK cost the customer $40.00 in shipping charges. They ordered 10 items and the total weight was at or around 1lb.

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