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Product Glossary

Sexy Lingerie Glossary and Definitions

The purpose of this glossary is to help people understand the various terms and definitions used by the lingerie industry. It will also help you choose the right sexy lingerie for you or your loved one.


Accessories can be anything worn with another lingerie piece. If you're buying a sexy panty, then the proper accessory to that panty could be a pair of panty hose. Same goes for tops. If you're buying a sexy top, then you could also include garter belts and panties and hosiery as the accessory piece. Most of the time, sexy lingerie is worn in piece sets. A top, a bottom and sometimes leggings and even shoes are worn to complete the look.

Baby Doll

A Baby Doll is generally a short (sometimes see-through) top that comes down to the navel. They generally come with a pair of panties. The material is most often light and loose fitting.

Back Seams

Back Seams are the thin line of material that run down the entire length of a stocking or hosiery product. This type of style was the standard back in the 1940's when hosiery was invented. Backseamed stockings and hosiery are coming back into style with such products as Lycra Sheer Cuban Foot Pantyhose

Body Stockings

Is a one piece garment that usually covers a females torso and is tight fitting that accentuates ones figure. Comes in different styles but a sheer material is what is mainly used. A body stocking could be a cat suit as well. It can be worn under clothes or simply by it’s self in the the bedroom.


Boning is a piece of rigid synthetic material (originally animal bones were used in the early 1900's) that is inserted into a garment in order to keep it at a specific shape. Bras, bustiers and corsets all use a boning type of material.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are also well known as booty shorts that are women’s underwear. Boy shorts have become a popular choice of lingerie due to the comfort and invisible underwear line that has also become the alternate choice between traditional underwear and thongs. Because there are so many different designs and styles, boy shorts can be easily paired with camisoles or any other sexy top that can be worn as lounge wear and still make a woman feel sexy.


(Pronounced: Boost-tee-A) A bustier is a top that is usually sleeveless. It is worn beneath the breasts and goes all the way down to the waist.


A Camisole is an undergarment that has shoulder straps. It goes from the breasts down to the waist. Mostly worn lose, you can find some camisoles that are tighter fitting.


A chemise is a thin sheet of material that is loose fitting. It hangs down from the shoulders to the waist. It can be worn by itself, or underneath another piece of lingerie.


A corset is a piece of lingerie that is meant to shape the body. It is usually tight fitting and stiff, which in turn pushes up the breasts for a more sensual look. Some corsets have attachments at the very bottom to attach stockings or other pieces of lingerie. Corsets and Bustiers are coming back into style as more and more women are buying them.


When thinking of dress, one would visual a beautiful sexy dress that is worn in public for people to admire. But for a lingerie dress, there’s a lot less material revealing lots of skin and definitely not to be worn out in the public. Lingerie dresses are very sexy that can make a woman feel or bring out their inner naughty girl out in the bedroom.


Fishnet refers to the particular style of the material used. It is most often associated with pantyhose and stockings. Fishnets are generally see-through, in the sense that they don't cover much of the body.

Garter and Garter belt

A garter is a piece of material (usually elastic) that sits on the leg. Its purpose is to hold up a stocking or pantyhose. A garter belt is a belt that sits on the waist and has straps hanging down. The straps attach to a pantyhose or stocking. Garters and garter belts are some of the most popular sexy lingerie items out there as they complete the "sexy look".


Is a piece of material that covers the frontal area and is held up by a piece of string in the back that is very thin. They are generally worn to prevent "panty lines" from showing with certain other garments. A G-string is different than a thong in the sense that the thong covers a bit more of the body area than the G-string does.


Stockings come in a variety of styles. It can add that extra sexiness and pop to a woman’s outfit and could be categorized as an accessory. Stockings can also be in different lengths as well as sizes such as high knees and high thighs.


A garment that combines stockings and panties together. Is worn under clothes to tighten and smooths ones body.

Plus Size

Plus sizes are for woman who are busty on top and curvacious on the bottom. Meaning woman who have that thickness to them. Thick thighs,hips and big booty’s. They’re not necessarily fat...just big boned. Sizes for plus size woman start at 10 and go upwards to 24.


A teddy covers both the top and the bottom of the body. Think of what a one piece swimsuit looks like, and you get the idea. Of course, Teddy's are a lot sexier than one piece swimsuits. Some teddies come in different varieties such as crotchless and long sleeved.


A thong is much like a G-string, except that it covers more of the body. Thongs can sometimes have a thin string in the back, much like a G-string does. Thongs come in many different materials.

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