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Washing & Drying

Now that you have your sexy lingerie items from Sassy Angel, you should pay careful attention to the washing and care instructions to ensure the maximum amount of life and usage possible from the lingerie items. These are only general suggestions for washing and drying. Please refer to each individual lingerie item and the tag for specific care instructions.

Bras and Panties

Bras and panties should be washed every day by hand. Use mild laundry soap and lukewarm water. Don't use a dyer to dry them, instead air dry them. A great way to air-dry your lingerie items is to tie a string in your bathroom and hang the items on there. Just be sure to get plenty of fresh air circulating throughout.

Machine Washing and Drying

We do not recommend you use an automatic washing machine or dryer to wash and dry your lingerie items. It could greatly shorten the life of the item, as well as shrink the item beyond reasonable usage.


Be sure to wash like colors separately as some items can bleed when washed. Use basic laundry rules when hand washing the lingerie items.

Pre-Spotting Agents and other Pre-Wash Detergents

We recommend against using pre spotting and pre wash detergents and agents due to the fact that the items are dedicates.


We do not recommend you iron the lingerie items. Instead, lay them flat during drying and most wrinkles should disappear.


When it comes to washing lingerie, treat the items as you would any other dedicates when washing and drying to ensure maximum life and usage as possible. We recommend following all wash/dry care instructions on each individual lingerie item.

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